Origo Club is proud to present June Yun‘s “Even Birds Choose Trees To Perch” and part of Tony Yin Tak Chu‘s “Liu Shui (Drifting Water)” series from July 25th-August 25th, 2019

Shan Shui” is a themed exhibition from two artists who use traditional landscape subjects as medium to form a series of works of art. Showing how perspective is affected by the passing of time and experiences from different environments, artists June Yun and Tony Yin Tak Chu use landscape in varied forms to create a meditative space for the audience. The viewers’ original point of view changes in the exploration of the works, and a sense of continuity is built up between the past and the future. Throughout the exhibition, the dynamics between self-awareness and the ever-changing world is skillfully expressed.

In the art installation “Even Birds Choose Trees To Perch”, June Yun displays themes of mountains and water, flowers and woods, all reflecting the harmony found in nature. She uses ancient techniques to make paper by hand, adding petals collected from the roadside.

In “Liu Shui (Drifting Water)”, Tony Yin Tak Chu evokes the passing of time as the flowing of a quiet river, dreamlike memories gently drifting on a current of delicate lines and a few layering colours.

The Opening Reception will be held on Thursday July 25th, 2019 from 7-9pm.

Gallery hours are Tue – Sat 11-7, Sun by Appt.  Free admission.

Artist Bio

June Yun

June Yun is a Chinese-Canadian mixed media artist based in Vancouver. She was born in China and educated at Anhui Normal University, later graduating from the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing with a major in painting. She then continued her studies in England and received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 2000. She has taught art in universities and at art institutions in both China and Canada, most recently at Emily Carr University.

June Yun’s artwork is built on the edge of Eastern and Western cultures. Through her life and travel experiences, her struggles and successes, she transforms her insights into visual forms: oil painting, drawing, video, and installation.

Tony Yin Tak Chu

Tony Yin Tak Chu was born in China, and raised in Hong Kong. He came to Canada in 1996 and graduated from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2006. Since then, he has shown his work at various public art galleries in Canada, i.e. Varley Art Gallery of Markham in 2006, Maple Ridge Art gallery in 2008, Campbell River Art Gallery in 2009 and Two Rivers Art Gallery in Prince George in 2010 and Evergreen Art Gallery in 2012.